1. Meditate
Meditation is beneficial for many different things – clearing one’s mind, relaxing and it certainly helps with chronic pain management shares Dr. Yusuf Mosuro. Because patients are constantly in pain, they oftentimes feel that it is difficult to concentrate, which leads them to feel as if they are spiraling out of control. By meditating, they can center their mind, body and spirit and through deep concentration, they can lower their respiratory and heart rate to calm themselves better during a flare-up.

2. Avoid carbonated drinks
Carbonated drinks like soda are never a good idea for one’s overall health. In fact, those who suffer from chronic pain management who also drink lots of bubbly beverages might actually be making their conditions worse! The carbonation in most drinks comes from phosphoric acid, which can lead to bone loss if the body receives too much of it. In addition, the caffeine found in many carbonated drinks also has been shown to decrease the amount of calcium a body can absorb. Next time you’re offered a soda, skip it!

3. Green tea
In lieu of carbonated drinks, it might be best to switch to green tea for your daily caffeine boost! The benefits of drinking green tea are varied and well-noted as an appetite suppressant and antioxidant-rich source, but green tea also has anti-inflammatory properties whether it is hot or iced.

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