For those who are suffering from neck pain, Dr. Yusuf Mosuro discusses what may be causing their pain and how it can be treated.

Each and every day individuals all over the world suffer from chronic conditions that give them unbearable pain and impact the quality of their lives. The good news is that with an ever increasing number of innovative treatments for these conditions, those who are dealing with neck, back, leg, hip, or other types of chronic pain can find solutions that will help them function free of the pain that plagues them. Pain experts such as Doctor Yusuf Mosuro make it their goal to always sharewith patients the best treatment options available so that every individual can find a treatment plan that works for them. Today, Doctor Mosuro would like to help those who suffer from neck pain to understand the possible causes and common treatments that are available.

There are many possible causes of chronic neck pain. Perhaps the pain comes from a past injury, or develops over time from strain on the neck during work, sleep, or even sitting with poor posture. These conditions tend to have more impact as a patient ages, and can lead them to have worse pain in the long run. Whatever the cause, chronic neck pain often becomes unbearable to those who experience it, and can severely limit a patient’s movement. When an individual is suffering from neck pain, their first step is to consult a pain management expert such as Doctor Yusuf Mosuro to find out what has caused the condition and what may be done to stop the pain and return proper function to the area.

Some of the common treatments for neck pain include different kinds of injections. Cervical epidural steroid injections can treat any pinched nerves that are causing neck pain. Trigger point injections can relax knots of muscles that may be causing strain on the neck. Injections can also be used to treat conditions such as facet joint pain. Other common options used to treat chronic neck conditions include physical and massage therapy, and acupuncture. When an individual works closely with a pain management professional, they can discover what the cause of their pain may be and which treatment, or combination of treatments, will be the best long-term solution for their unique needs.

When a patient suffers from neck pain or any other kind of chronic pain, they can find the best ways to treat and end their pain by consulting an expert such as Doctor Yusuf Mosuro. To learn more about the most innovative and effective treatments for pain management, please visit