Dr. Yusuf Mosuro notes that several recent studies have shown food to be a potent weapon in the battle against chronic pain. Long suspected as a factor in the body’s pain response, food is getting new scrutiny in many research studies, according to Dr. Yusuf Mosuro. Anyone who faces pain on a daily basis should know about the latest scientific data concerning the relationship between certain foods and pain relief.


Dr. Yusuf Mosuro highlights the fact that studies have recently shown ginger to be an effective remedy for some types of nausea and inflammation; some research has even shown the root to be a good way to treat joint pain as well. Dr. Mosuro notes that anyone dealing with chronic pain should talk regularly with their doctors about the foods they eat and whether their diet might be contributing to the easing or worsening of pain issues.


Coffee and its caffeine content appear to be a good way for the body to reduce the perception of pain, if not eliminating the pain itself, several research studies have shown. Dr.Yusuf Mosuro notes that these studies also warn about overuse of caffeine and the fact that too much of it can cause troublesome side effects.

Olive oil

Dr. Yusuf Mosuro also suggests that recent research about the effects of olive oil on pain might point to a remedy for some sufferers. Studies have shown, Dr. Mosuro says, that chemicals in common everyday olive oil work as an anti-inflammatory and go a long way toward helping ease the chronic pain for many people.


Anyone who has dealt with joint pain and osteoarthritis knows that bone-related pain issues can be especially difficult to address. Dr. Yusuf Mosuro notes that research has shown fish, and salmon in particular, to be a possible remedy for some types of joint pain and inflammation. Apparently, according to the studies, the omego-3 fatty acids in salmon and some other kinds of fish help the human metabolism fight against bone-centered pain in various ways.

Curcumin (curry)

Along the same lines as salmon and fish, scientists have found curcumin (aka turmeric) to be an effective weapon in the fight against rheumatoid arthritis pain.

Many foods are currently being studied to assess their potential as natural ways to battle chronic pain. Dr. Yusuf Mosuro notes the general benefits of a healthy diet for most everyone who suffers from daily bouts of pain. Food is an important relief factor in many maladies, chronic pain included.

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