Dr. Yusuf Mosuro explains why seeing your doctor is incredibly important to make time to find and visit your doctor. Here are some reasons Dr. Yusuf Mosuro recommends seeing your doctor annually.


  • To establish a relationship – Having a doctor who knows you, knows your medical history, and knows your personality will be more in tune to your needs. Find a doctor that listens to you and that you genuinely like and then stick with them.


  • To establish your health risk – When you review your medical history with your doctor, they can help you discover what potential risks you have. The more you know about these things, the more you can work to prevent them, and be on the lookout for them.


  • To keep an eye on your body – Just as the IRS provides us with an annual financial snapshot, a trip to the doctor provides us with an annual health snapshot. Monitoring weight gain, blood pressure, and heart rate annually give you an idea when something is off, and prevents any major changes over the years.


  • For peace of mind – Depression is something that is almost impossible to diagnose yourself. Seeing the doctor, especially for women, helps identify those warning signs before they overtake life. Mental health screenings should be part of an annual visit to the doctor.


  • For a good night’s sleep – Almost 15% of Americans report chronic sleep issues. A poor night’s sleep is not cured by an extra cup of coffee, and it can actually increase the risk for other health issues. A doctor can give you some insight into these issues and suggest some changes.


Dr. Yusuf Mosuro knows that making the time to see a physician is a challenge. But he encourages you to make an appointment today, and every year.